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620 Bus route St Helens to Bolton

Added on: 10th October, 2012 by terence_7022

620 Bus route St Helens to Bolton

Last Updated:
Wed, 10 October 2012

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This news story is about a bus route that ran between St Helens and Bolton calling at Haydock, Ashton, Platt bridge, Hindley, Hindley Green, Atherton, Deane and Bolton

Hi i would like to take a moment of your time to read of a petition i have been working on regarding the 620 that currently runs between St Helens and Hindley Green but used to run to Bolton

The service was first brought under threat when Blue Bus of Bolton was bought out by Arriva in 2005 not to long later the route was moved from the Bolton depot to the depot in St Helens (jackson street) where it lost its low floor buses that then allowed people in weelchairs to get on the bus and also people with prams could get on without having to fold the pram up (one of the first routes to have these) the route was given old step buses that was unreliable so the service in turn became unreliable this partly lead to the service getting cut back, today 4 years on the bus industry has changed St Helens depot is now low floor meaning no matter what bus turns up it would be low floor meaning a weelchair user or someone with a pram can get on the bus hassle free

so far i have been in 2 papers

the daily star:

the bolton evening news:

i have also recently contacted another paper in hope they will support the petition as its a service that really should not of been withdrawn as now key links are missing st helens to atherton, ashton to atherton and st helens to bolton, no matter how far back you go there has always been a service between st helens and bolton so really the custom cant have just gone?

people who got from st helens to bolton now have to get a 352 to wigan and jump a 575 from wigan to bolton taking up to twice as long and wastes peoples time it has also lead to people having to find (or try to find) new jobs as it was taking to long to get to work, i ask people to read what i have said and to please show your support and sign the online petition


i am happy to take any questions people may have and thanks for reading this long story

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